Reasons to Invest in Cashmere

I love high quality fabrics. Alpaca, leather, silk and my favorite, CASHMERE! How it looks, how it feels, it's simply rich.

Cashmere is rare!
Cashmere fiber that comes from Kashmir goats can produce only 4 ounces of it each year. This makes it extremely rare as compared to other types of hair, for example sheep wool.

Cashmere is warmer than wool!
Garment made from cashmere are close to 10X warmer than clothes made from sheep wool, yet a lot lighter in weight. Also, cashmere hair is extremely soft, making for utmost comfort all year round. In fact, it keeps users warm even when it is -40 °C, even though it is only a few millimeters thick.

Cashmere was worn by royalty!
Cashmere was a material that was used by noblemen in the Roman Empire. Starting from the 18th century, this material became popular among European royal families and aristocrats.

Cashmere is made to last!
If cared for properly, cashmere will keep its original shape and form, for many  years of wear!

Cashmere is timeless!
Whether it's scarf, sweater or cardigan, if it's cashmere it will never go out of style and will captivate anyone, for as long as it lasts!

If you are searching for the highest quality fabric, cashmere is the perfect start to look and feel fabulous.


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